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National Library Lover’s Month!

February is National Library Lover’s Month!

Libraries are so much more than wood, stone and brick structures filled with books. They are a community hub, a gathering space, a safe place, a place of new experiences, adventures, research, and discovery.

Here’s a few ways you can show your library some love this month:

  • Make a tax-deductible contribution by check, credit card or online
  • Buy books during the Friends of the Library Book Sale
  • Volunteer your time and talents at the Library
  • Give your loved one a special Valentine’s Day gift with a contribution in his or her name
  • Contact your county legislator and advocate for library programs and services
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper recognizing the good work of librarians or staff
  • Speak up for libraries at community meetings
  • Tell us your story of why you love your library
  • Become a member of the Friends of the Library
  • Volunteer to work at the Friends book sale
  • Adopt a Periodical by contributing toward the purchase of a magazine or publication subscription
  • Put some spare change or a few dollars in the library’s donation box
  • Have your congregation, club or organization host a fundraiser to benefit the library
  • Encourage your business to sponsor a program or service at the library
  • Memorialize a loved one with a gift to the library
  • Bring a friend to the library who’s never visited before
  • Attend a public program at the library
  • Say "thank you" to a library staff member
  • Start a Community Read book discussion group
  • Visit the Library often!

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