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Sciencenter's Summer Exhibition:
Roll, Drop, Bounce

On display through September 6

Explore the science of motion at the Sciencenter's summer exhibition, Roll, Drop, Bounce which features twelve colorful, interactive exhibits designed to engage young scientists and their families in the fun side of physics.

This active learning laboratory offers rolling wheels, dropping objects, bouncing balls, and things on-the-move. In a hands-on way, guests will explore kinetic energy, momentum, Newton’s Law of Motion and other physics principles.

Guests of all ages will think, experiment, and play as they investigate catapults, balancing acts, balls racing on ramps, and more. Experiment with kinetic energy (the energy of motion) to make the ball loop-the-loop. Design and engineer a mini-car, then race it down a ramp to discover which features make it roll the farthest. Test the cause and effect of friction with a puck on an air-levitation table, then experiment with angle to ricochet the puck into the goal. Build the coolest ball roller coaster with funnels, chutes, and tubes.

Roll, Drop, Bounce is sponsored in part by: