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Migration Celebration

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Celebrate Amazing Autumn Bird Migration
Family-friendly event at Sapsucker Woods spurs appreciation of nature

Migratory birds in the Finger Lakes region are on the move. For the sprightly Yellow Warbler, that could mean an arduous trip of thousands of miles to Central and South America. For the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, it may be a quick hop a few states away. Though we say goodbye to these birds until next spring, we welcome others, such as the American Tree Sparrow which travels to our region from Canada. And we thrill to the sight of species seen only as they stop to rest here on their journey. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s annual Migration Celebration, taking place Saturday, October 18, from 10:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m., highlights the changing seasons and the incredible spring and fall migrations of birds. Admission is free.
“During our Migration Celebration, we’ll offer guided walks along the trails in Sapsucker Woods, a variety of interactive learning games, and a chance to see wild birds being banded,” event coordinator Anne Rosenberg explains. “The folks from the Cornell Raptor program will be here with their live eagles, hawks, and owls. And scientists who have been studying the local crow population for more than 25 years will be on hand to share what they’re learning about a bird that is a lot like us!”

The Migration Celebration will also focus on the 100th anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, a bird that once lived right here and also dominated the skies over much of the country. From billions of birds to none, they were wiped out by human activities in less than half a human life span. Special exhibits invite celebration visitors to learn more about this incredible story and ponder what we have learned from it.
We’ll have activities people can do, both at the event and from home, to help our birds,” says Rosenberg. “We hope visitors will write down their activity on a colorful bird cutout and add it to our Conservation Tree in the visitor center.”
The Migration Celebration is part of International Migratory Bird Day, which is celebrated at thousands of events across the hemisphere throughout the year.
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is located at 159 Sapsucker Woods Road in Ithaca. For more information about the Migration Celebration call the Cornell Lab at (607) 254-2473 or (800) 843-BIRD or visit www.birds.cornell.edu/birdday.